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I have been doing quite a few unlocks on the iPhone 4/4s lately and wanted to update everyone about the best way to do it. If you want to use another SIM card on your phone, you have come to the right place :)

It only makes sense that unlocking your iPhone 4/4s would be easy, cheap and super fast. But there are a lot of scams on the internet specifically in that industry. Many of these sites offer unlocks that are pricey and don’t work, and the ones that do take forever and a day.

So the whole point of this article today is to talk about what actually works, and what you should stay away from.

Software Unlocks: These are a scam.

Don’t buy into the idea that there is a software solution that will unlock iPhone 4/4s. It simply does not exist! The people who run these sites will take your money and run with it, not to mention they will have your credit card information at their fingertips for future use. I actually fell for one of these scams when I first started doing unlocks and I quickly learned to avoid these sites. Just don’t do it!

Hardware Unlocks- Risky Business!

You can order online and get an alternative SIM tray for your iPhone 4/4s. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. These can be very problematic because they are a bit thicker than your phone’s original sim tray. That means you risk physically damaging your phone and completely voiding your warranty. You will not be able to get any help from any Apple store. Plus, because the only place they are being shipped from right now is China, it takes a while to even receive the alternative SIM tray. Personally, I don’t think it’s worth it to buy a product that has little chance of actually working, takes forever to be shipped, and could damage your phone. Unless you can afford a new phone, stay away from this product.

Network Unlocks (AKA- IMEI Unlocks)- Fast and Long Term fix

It took me a while to figure this out – but you should be looking for are remote, network unlocks. Also called IMEI unlocks.

Basically how it works is this – Apple has what is called a ‘whitelist’. This is a huge database of iPhone registration numbers that are allowed on any network of the user’s choosing. The list is only accessible to people who work on carriers. However, some companies have “insiders” – people working on those carriers that do their unlock work for them.

These people clear your IMEI number on the server – then you receive an e-mail saying your iPhone has been unlocked. You just have to connect your iPhone to the computer and you receive this beautiful message:

With this type of unlock, you do not risk voiding your warranty – it’s an official iPhone unlock that appears on Apple’s servers. Plus, the unlock is permanent. That is because it is done this way instead of in some of the shady, risky ways you find online.

Before, the only way to do this unlock was to contact the carriers directly. However, because they would do anything to keep sucking money from you and keeping you connected to their network, they would ask up to $250 for this simple task!

Well now, I’ve found some online solutions that do the same, for way way less.

Here is my list of best IMEI unlocks.

TOP IMEI UNLOCKS – my recommendation

#1 Official iPhone Unlock (10/10- best of the best)

I actually found these guys through a friend. I have been impressed by them from day one!

I was very surprised how quickly my phone was unlocked. I signed up on a weekend so totally didn’t expect them to be working until the following week… But just a few hours later, I received my e-mail saying the unlock was complete! I connected my iPhone 4s to iTunes and it was free to use on any network of my choosing!

Even though they are actually the cheapest factory IMEI unlock I have found to date, their customer service is exceptional. They are more than willing to help you with every question you have, even some of the obvious stuff. And they are extremely polite.

These are the guys I recommend hands down above everyone else out there.

Check them out here: Official iPhone Unlock

#2 iUnlock Pro  (7 out of 10 rating) – (UPDATE: iUnlockPro site is down for a few months. Link now points to Official iPhone Unlock)

This is my second choice. I have used them on an old iPhone 4 that I had. They take a while to get back to you (a lot of times they take around 3 to 4 days). They don’t accept several forms of payment and their website can be very hard to get around. I had a hard time finding anything! Plus there are a few networks they don’t support.

Really there isn’t a whole lot of good I can say about the guys, except that they will provide you with an unlock. The downside is that you have to be very patient. This is a site I would only recommend if for some reason the Official iPhone Unlock site is down.

#3 IMEI Codes (5 out of 10)

There isn’t much difference between these guys and the last ones I mentioned. Just add more waiting time and imagine worse customer service. Again, you get the unlock you pay for, but who knows when they will actually get around to it. This is one of those last resort sites, for an emergency back up when or if the other two I happen to be down.


1. There is no such thing as a software unlock for iPhone 4/4s. They are scams.
2. Hardware unlocks do work. However, they are very risky. Most of the time you will void your warranty and/ or damage your phone. Not to mention it takes up to 3 weeks.
3. IMEI unlocks are your best bet. There is no risk of physical damage to your phone, no risk of voiding your warranty, and they are fast and reliable.

If you want your phone unlocked, the best place to go is Official iPhone Unlock. There are other ways to do it, but be very careful as it can be risky.

Hope this has helped you.


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With so many different potential solutions for unlocking your iPhone 4/4s, it can be difficult for individuals to know where to start looking, especially those who aren’t particularly tech savvy – it’s not like the iphone 4/4s comes with a manual on how to unlock your iPhone. One of the primary differences you will notice when looking for iphone 4/4s unlocking software is that some iPhone unlocking software is free and allows you to perform an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s unlock yourself, while others require a small fee but take care of the details of the unlocking process for you. What is the difference between the two types of solutions? Can free iPhone unlocking software do everything that premium iPhone unlocking solutions can?

While we think that free iPhone unlocking solutions may be an option for technically savvy individuals who have time to spare and are confident enough in their abilities to take a chance with their expensive mobile phone, the best solution for unlocking your iPhone 4/4s is by far to go with a premium unlocking solution. There are a few premium iPhone 4/4s unlocking solutions that are not only very affordable, but that offer easy step-by-step instructions, 24/7 access to unlocking and jailbreaking experts, a satisfaction guarantee, and updates for new firmware upgrades. Best of all, these solutions allow you to unlock your iPhone 4/4s quickly and safely online within minutes. Below, we discuss in detail some of the reasons why you might not want to go with a free iPhone unlocking solution and attempt to unlock iPhone 4/4s on your own.

Reasons To Not Unlock iphone 4/4s On Your Own

You Could Void Your Apple Warranty
Apple has a very strict warranty policy. If Apple discovers that you performed an unlock on your iphone 4s, they will automatically void your warranty. This means that if you need your screen replaced, your battery replaced, or repairs done on your iPhone, they won’t freely help you do it. Premium iPhone unlock software will support the restoration of the original factory version of the iPhone OS5 operating system (as well as any other version of iOS). What that means is that you will be able to send your formerly unlocked iphone 4s in for support – fully covered by your Apple warranty. With a free iPhone unlocking solution, you may make irreversible changes to your iPhone that will void the valuable Apple warranty.

You Could “Brick” Your iPhone
One major concern with attempting to unlock iphone 4/4s is that you could cause irreversible damage to your phone. In order to unlock your iphone 4/4s, you will need to use custom kernels to gain root access to the iOS. If you don’t understand what that means, that’s a clear sign that you should not be tinkering with iPhone unlocking on your own.

Even if you do understand what this entails, there is still a lot of room for error when it comes to unlocking your iPhone. Having root access means that you can add unauthorized applications, games, movies and music as well as make custom changes to your iPhone, but it also means that you could make irreversible changes to the factory iPhone settings and “brick” your iPhone – meaning it will be permanently damaged. For less than $30, you could take advantage of a premium solution that will ensure that your iPhone is unlocked safely and quickly.

You Could Leave Security Flaws In Your iPhone 4/4s
As mentioned previously, unlocking your iPhone 4/4s means that you will have to gain root access to iOS5. This allows for the potential to make system changes that could not only damage your phone, but leaves it vulnerable to security threats as well. Using a premium solution to unlock iPhone 4/4s can remove this concern, though you would still have to be careful when you download unauthorized software to your iPhone, as the software itself can have exploitable flaws that will be amplified on an unlocked iPhone.

You Could Waste Time
If you’re not extremely tech savvy, you could waste a significant amount of time trying to unlock your iPhone 4. Assuming you don’t actually brick your iPhone 4s, assuming you don’t void your Apple warranty, and assuming you don’t leave your iPhone 4/4s vulnerable to hackers, you need to ask yourself if the do-it-yourself approach is worth the headache and potential damage to your expensive iPhone – particularly when there are great, premium unlocking software solutions available for less than $30.

These affordable iPhone unlocking solutions can come with full technical support, step by step instructions, a satisfaction guarantee, free hassle-free updates, and best of all it can take less than 5 minutes – none of which can be said for the free iPhone unlocking software solutions out there. With all the benefits that come with utilizing a premium unlocking software solution, why waste the time and energy trying to unlock your iPhone yourself, unless you already know what you are doing?

How To Unlock iPhone 4/4s
If you’re tech savvy and feel confident that you could unlock iPhone 4/4s with little trouble, then perhaps one of the free solutions may be for you. Of course, you still risk “bricking” your iPhone or voiding your warranty, and you’ll still have to find a new unlocking solution when new firmware updates come out, but you will save a little bit of money.

If you don’t mind spending a few dollars for peace of mind and convenience, or you don’t have a lot of experience tinkering on the backend of electronic devices and software but you want to unlock iPhone 4/4s conveniently, safely, and affordably, the best solution we’ve found is Jailbreak Unlock. Jailbreak Unlock will have your iPhone unlocked within minutes, and best of all, its affordable, convenient, and 100% safe.

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iPhone unlocking is the process of bypassing the limitations installed into the iOS operating system that only allow your iPhone to work with a single mobile phone carrier and the limited selection of iPhone voice, text, and data plans carried by that carrier. If you want a phone plan that doesn’t come with mandatory data plans, 2 year contracts, if you want to take advantage of pay as you go rates, or if you want to change SIM cards or utilize your phone with a foreign phone carrier while you are overseas, you will need to unlock your iPhone.

Since instructions for unlocking your iPhone 4s don’t exactly come with the iPhone manual or the welcome package you get from your phone carrier, there is a lot of misinformation and purported fact circulating around the internet when it comes to unlocking the iPhone 4s and iOS5. Below we’ll explore some of the popular myths and the actual reality surrounding these myths when it comes to performing an iphone 4s unlock.

Myths & Realities – Unlock iPhone 4 and Unlock iPhone 4s

Myth: Unlocking iPhone 4 & 4s Will “Brick” Your Phone
Reality: While there is a grain of truth to this myth – unlocking your iPhone 4s improperly can definitely cause irreversible damage to your phone – but when performed properly with a reputable provider, the odds of irreversibly damaging your phone are virtually nil.
Myth: It Is Illegal To Unlock iPhone 4s iOS5
Reality: It is 100% legal to unlock and jailbreak your phone. There have been countless rulings from federal regulators, the Library of Congress, as well as the U.S. Copyright Office stating that unlocking and jailbreaking the iPhone 4s – or any other mobile phone for that matter – is completely legal and doesn’t violate any copyright laws.

The source of this myth originates from Apple and phone carriers, who have a vested interest in ensuring that people do not jailbreak or unlock their phone. In fact, while Apple has tried to have explicit provisions inserted into the Digital Millenium Copyright Act prohibiting users from jailbreaking or unlocking their phone, federal regulators rejected the proposal. In fact, a specific exemption for unlocking and jailbreaking was inserted into the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, so rest assured that it is legal to unlock iPhone 4s & iOS5.

Myth: Unlocking Your iPhone 4/4s Will Completely Void The Warranty
Reality: Unlocking your iPhone 4s will void the warranty only if you send in your iPhone 4s for repair still unlocked. The reality is that most unlock and jailbreaking solutions out there today will allow you to reverse the process and restore the original iPhone operating system. As long as you can reverse the jailbreak/unlock and restore the original iOS, Apple will never know that you unlocked your phone and your warranty will not be void.

Myth: Only Expert Hackers Can Unlock iPhone 4/4s
Reality: Only expert hackers will be able to write software to unlock iphone iOS, but anyone can take advantage of this software to unlock iPhone 4/4s. In addition, there are reputable service and software providers who offer full technical support and assistance with unlocking your IOS device.

Myth: Unlocking iPhone 4s Is Expensive
Reality: iPhone 4/4s unlocking software prices range mostly from free to $50. While most of the free unlocking software and services may pose a risk to your iPhone, there is plenty of great iPhone unlocking software as low as $29.95 that will offer safe, newbie friendly iPhone 4s/4 unlocking along with great 24/7 technical support.

Myth: You Can’t Unlock iPhone 4/4s For X Network
Reality: Replace X with any major network, and millions of iPhone users are currently enjoying freedom from that carrier. Below are just some of the networks with which iPhone unlocking has been performed.

• Unlock iPhone 4s/4 Verizon – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s/4 T-Mobile – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s/4 Sprint – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s Rogers Mobile – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s Fido – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s Bell Mobility – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s Virgin – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s Vodafone – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s O2 – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s Orange – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s China Mobile – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s China Unicom – Yes

The above is not a comprehensive list, but just a quick example of what unlocking can accomplish. The reality is that current iPhone unlocking software allows you to unlock iPhones from any carrier and enjoy freedom to avoid mandatory data plans, choose pay-as-you-go, take your phone overseas without paying ridiculous roaming charges, and much more.

Myth: Unlocking iPhone 4s Will Let Hackers Access Your Phone
Reality: When you unlock iPhone 4s, the unlocking software does have to gain root access to your iOS. What this means is that you have more control over your operating system. However, if the unlocking is done properly, unlocking iOS5, iOS4, or any other version of the iOS does not mean that hackers have easier access to your phone.

If there are security loopholes in the software you download or your passwords, Hackers can gain access to your phone whether it is unlocked or not. However, because unlocking and jailbreaking your iPhone does allow you to install any software, you’ll need to take extra care to ensure that you’re not installing exploitable software onto your phone.

Unlock iPhone 4s – The Bottom Line

As you can see, many of the popular arguments against unlocking your iPhone are mostly myth, with a grain of truth mixed in here and there. While unlocking iPhone 4s and iOS5 is safe and can allow you flexibility and savings, we do suggest that you take care in choosing which unlocking software you use. Take your time to find software that offers strong technical support, is backed by a guarantee, and has a good reputation, and you’ll be enjoying the benefits of an unlocked iPhone 4s in no time.

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If you’re an iPhone fan, you’ve undoubtedly heard a lot about iPhone 4s jailbreaking and unlocking. If you’re unfamiliar with the terms, you’ve probably heard the terms used interchangeably and have also heard a lot about the benefits – being able to download and install unauthorized apps, games, movies, music, themes, extensions and more, being able to use your iPhone with different carriers and take advantage of pay-as-you-go payment options and promotional offers from various phone carriers. The truth is though, the terms jailbreak and unlock refer to different things when it comes to freeing iOS5 of Apple imposed limitations.

Jailbreak iPhone4s & iOS5

When people talk about jailbreaking iPhone 4, jailbreaking iPhone 4s, or jailbreaking iOS5, they are referring to bypassing the artificial limitations built into the iOS5 operating system by Apple. These limitations are designed to prevent the unauthorized download and transfer of apps, music, games, movies, extensions, themes, and much more. With these limitations in place, Apple ensures that anything you put on your phone must be downloaded or purchased from an Apple source such as the iTunes store or the App store.
When you jailbreak iPhone 4/4s, you can add any number of different custom apps and extensions that would be unavailable to you if you couldn’t get it in the App store. Additionally, you will be able to transfer any movies, music, games, themes, or apps from your computer to your iPhone. This can give you access to everything you pay for in the iTunes store or App Store completely for free (though we do advocate paying for the software and content you consume). It’s easy to see why so many iPhone users want to jailbreak iPhone 4s. When you jailbreak iOS, you give yourself access to a whole new world of cool features and customizations that would otherwise be impossible to apply to your iPhone under the limitations imposed by big brother Apple.

Unlock iPhone 4/4s & iOS 5

Unlocking iPhone 4/4s also involves bypassing Apple imposed limitations on the iOS5 operating system. However, when you unlock iPhone 4s, you are freeing your iPhone to transfer freely from mobile phone carrier to carrier and SIM card to SIM card, rather than giving it access to cool new apps and customizations. The primary benefits of an iPhone 4s unlock are freedom and cost savings.
Do you ever wonder why Apple and phone carriers lock phones so that you’re stuck with the same carrier? The answer is that it’s because they make more money when your options are limited. They can force you to sign up for large data plans you don’t need, charge you for monthly plans you want out of, and stop you from going over to a competing phone carrier when they’re offering a better deal – at least, without buying a new iPhone altogether. When you unlock iPhone 4s or iPhone 4, you allow your iPhone to be transferred to any carrier, and to be used with any SIM card. You’ll save money by getting rid of overly large data plans, taking advantage of pay-as-you-go if you don’t need all the minutes in your plan, switching carriers when you see cheaper prices, and even by using local carriers when overseas.

Unlocking your iPhone 4/4s allows you to use it with any carrier in the world. Here are examples of carriers that have been unlocked for iPhone 4s.

• Unlock iPhone 4s Verizon – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s T-Mobile – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s Sprint – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s Virgin – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s Vodafone – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s O2 – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s Orange – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s China Mobile – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s China Unicom – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s Rogers – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s Fido – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s Bell – Yes

This is far from a complete list of carriers, but it illustrates a point – if you can unlock iPhone 4s on these major carriers, you can unlock any iPhone 4/4s on any mobile phone carrier in the world.

Unlocking iPhone 4/4s Necessitates Jailbreaking the iPhone 4/4s

There are two kinds of ways to unlock iPhone 4/4s, with a software unlock and a hardware unlock. The majority of modern iPhone unlocks are performed using software, as hardware unlocks are more expensive, inconvenient, and are harder to revert back. An interesting fact about software unlocks for iPhones is that in order to unlock your iPhone, you must also jailbreak it.

The reason that unlocking iPhone 4s necessitates jailbreaking, is because jailbreaking allows you to gain root access to iOS. Without root access, the unlocking software can’t make the necessary changes to perform a software unlock.

How To Unlock iPhone 4/4s & Jailbreak iPhone 4/4s

Unless you’re comfortable working with UNIX paths, setting file permissions, SSH, and LAN IPs, it’s highly recommended that you seek a premium solution for unlocking or jailbreaking your iPhone 4s rather than try to do it yourself.

Whether you want to unlock iPhone 4/iPhone 4s or jailbreak iPhone 4/iPhone 4s, one effective solution we’ve found is Jailbreak Unlock. Jailbreak Unlock provides an easy jailbreaking or unlock solution for the iPhone 4s, with 24/7 technical support access to iPhone experts, a satisfaction guarantee, and free upgrades for firmware upgrades to your iPhone. Best of all, it takes only a few minutes and is extremely affordable. Try Jailbreak Unlock today if you’re looking to unlock iPhone 4/4s or jailbreak iPhone 4/4s.

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