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My name is Angus and I own an iPhone 4s. It’s my first iPhone ever and I love everything about it – the apps (addicted to facebook), chatting to Siri and trying to piss her off… Everything.

The one thing I didn’t like was how I couldn’t change carriers once I had my phone. It’s a bit weird to say it but I bonded with my iPhone pretty quickly and felt like it was the best piece of technology I ever owned. EXCEPT for that. So I became adamant that I will learn how to unlock my iPhone. My carrier wanted me to pay hundreds of dollars in fees to do it, and I figured there has to be an easier way (that’s my nature, I’m curious to find these things out..).

But after trying five different times to unlock the iPhone and spending five hours on it I failed miserably. A lot of the solutions out there weren’t working or updated for the iPhone 4s.

Then eventually when I did find some things that worked and I unlocked my iPhone I was ecstatic. Now I could use great packages from other suppliers just by putting another sim card in. How awesome. Especially good for me because I travel abroad several times a year for conventions as part of my job, and I like to get a local number wherever I land to save costs – something you can’t do with a LOCKED iPhone 4s.

So now, I’ve got my iPhone 4s unlocked, and my friends see me as this unlocking wiz all of a sudden. Giving me their iPhones and iPads to jailbreak and unlock. And I managed to do it all easy now. I guess I learnt a skill!

I decided to write this blog for all of those people who are stuck in the beginning stages of trying to unlock their iPhone and don’t want to go through this annoying trial and error just to get your device to work the way it’s supposed to.

Have a read through the blog, and if you’re looking to unlock your iPhone 4s too, make sure you read Best 3 Programs to Unlock iPhone 4s.

Enjoy your unshackled iPhone 4s and tell your friends!


Angus Bonn

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