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Hey again!

I have been doing quite a few unlocks on the iPhone 4/4s lately and wanted to update everyone about the best way to do it. If you want to use another SIM card on your phone, you have come to the right place :)

It only makes sense that unlocking your iPhone 4/4s would be easy, cheap and super fast. But there are a lot of scams on the internet specifically in that industry. Many of these sites offer unlocks that are pricey and don’t work, and the ones that do take forever and a day.

So the whole point of this article today is to talk about what actually works, and what you should stay away from.

Software Unlocks: These are a scam.

Don’t buy into the idea that there is a software solution that will unlock iPhone 4/4s. It simply does not exist! The people who run these sites will take your money and run with it, not to mention they will have your credit card information at their fingertips for future use. I actually fell for one of these scams when I first started doing unlocks and I quickly learned to avoid these sites. Just don’t do it!

Hardware Unlocks- Risky Business!

You can order online and get an alternative SIM tray for your iPhone 4/4s. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. These can be very problematic because they are a bit thicker than your phone’s original sim tray. That means you risk physically damaging your phone and completely voiding your warranty. You will not be able to get any help from any Apple store. Plus, because the only place they are being shipped from right now is China, it takes a while to even receive the alternative SIM tray. Personally, I don’t think it’s worth it to buy a product that has little chance of actually working, takes forever to be shipped, and could damage your phone. Unless you can afford a new phone, stay away from this product.

Network Unlocks (AKA- IMEI Unlocks)- Fast and Long Term fix

It took me a while to figure this out – but you should be looking for are remote, network unlocks. Also called IMEI unlocks.

Basically how it works is this – Apple has what is called a ‘whitelist’. This is a huge database of iPhone registration numbers that are allowed on any network of the user’s choosing. The list is only accessible to people who work on carriers. However, some companies have “insiders” – people working on those carriers that do their unlock work for them.

These people clear your IMEI number on the server – then you receive an e-mail saying your iPhone has been unlocked. You just have to connect your iPhone to the computer and you receive this beautiful message:

With this type of unlock, you do not risk voiding your warranty – it’s an official iPhone unlock that appears on Apple’s servers. Plus, the unlock is permanent. That is because it is done this way instead of in some of the shady, risky ways you find online.

Before, the only way to do this unlock was to contact the carriers directly. However, because they would do anything to keep sucking money from you and keeping you connected to their network, they would ask up to $250 for this simple task!

Well now, I’ve found some online solutions that do the same, for way way less.

Here is my list of best IMEI unlocks.

TOP IMEI UNLOCKS – my recommendation

#1 Official iPhone Unlock (10/10- best of the best)

I actually found these guys through a friend. I have been impressed by them from day one!

I was very surprised how quickly my phone was unlocked. I signed up on a weekend so totally didn’t expect them to be working until the following week… But just a few hours later, I received my e-mail saying the unlock was complete! I connected my iPhone 4s to iTunes and it was free to use on any network of my choosing!

Even though they are actually the cheapest factory IMEI unlock I have found to date, their customer service is exceptional. They are more than willing to help you with every question you have, even some of the obvious stuff. And they are extremely polite.

These are the guys I recommend hands down above everyone else out there.

Check them out here: Official iPhone Unlock

#2 iUnlock Pro  (7 out of 10 rating) – (UPDATE: iUnlockPro site is down for a few months. Link now points to Official iPhone Unlock)

This is my second choice. I have used them on an old iPhone 4 that I had. They take a while to get back to you (a lot of times they take around 3 to 4 days). They don’t accept several forms of payment and their website can be very hard to get around. I had a hard time finding anything! Plus there are a few networks they don’t support.

Really there isn’t a whole lot of good I can say about the guys, except that they will provide you with an unlock. The downside is that you have to be very patient. This is a site I would only recommend if for some reason the Official iPhone Unlock site is down.

#3 IMEI Codes (5 out of 10)

There isn’t much difference between these guys and the last ones I mentioned. Just add more waiting time and imagine worse customer service. Again, you get the unlock you pay for, but who knows when they will actually get around to it. This is one of those last resort sites, for an emergency back up when or if the other two I happen to be down.


1. There is no such thing as a software unlock for iPhone 4/4s. They are scams.
2. Hardware unlocks do work. However, they are very risky. Most of the time you will void your warranty and/ or damage your phone. Not to mention it takes up to 3 weeks.
3. IMEI unlocks are your best bet. There is no risk of physical damage to your phone, no risk of voiding your warranty, and they are fast and reliable.

If you want your phone unlocked, the best place to go is Official iPhone Unlock. There are other ways to do it, but be very careful as it can be risky.

Hope this has helped you.


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