Difference Between iPhone 4s Jailbreak and iPhone 4s Unlock

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If you’re an iPhone fan, you’ve undoubtedly heard a lot about iPhone 4s jailbreaking and unlocking. If you’re unfamiliar with the terms, you’ve probably heard the terms used interchangeably and have also heard a lot about the benefits – being able to download and install unauthorized apps, games, movies, music, themes, extensions and more, being able to use your iPhone with different carriers and take advantage of pay-as-you-go payment options and promotional offers from various phone carriers. The truth is though, the terms jailbreak and unlock refer to different things when it comes to freeing iOS5 of Apple imposed limitations.

Jailbreak iPhone4s & iOS5

When people talk about jailbreaking iPhone 4, jailbreaking iPhone 4s, or jailbreaking iOS5, they are referring to bypassing the artificial limitations built into the iOS5 operating system by Apple. These limitations are designed to prevent the unauthorized download and transfer of apps, music, games, movies, extensions, themes, and much more. With these limitations in place, Apple ensures that anything you put on your phone must be downloaded or purchased from an Apple source such as the iTunes store or the App store.
When you jailbreak iPhone 4/4s, you can add any number of different custom apps and extensions that would be unavailable to you if you couldn’t get it in the App store. Additionally, you will be able to transfer any movies, music, games, themes, or apps from your computer to your iPhone. This can give you access to everything you pay for in the iTunes store or App Store completely for free (though we do advocate paying for the software and content you consume). It’s easy to see why so many iPhone users want to jailbreak iPhone 4s. When you jailbreak iOS, you give yourself access to a whole new world of cool features and customizations that would otherwise be impossible to apply to your iPhone under the limitations imposed by big brother Apple.

Unlock iPhone 4/4s & iOS 5

Unlocking iPhone 4/4s also involves bypassing Apple imposed limitations on the iOS5 operating system. However, when you unlock iPhone 4s, you are freeing your iPhone to transfer freely from mobile phone carrier to carrier and SIM card to SIM card, rather than giving it access to cool new apps and customizations. The primary benefits of an iPhone 4s unlock are freedom and cost savings.
Do you ever wonder why Apple and phone carriers lock phones so that you’re stuck with the same carrier? The answer is that it’s because they make more money when your options are limited. They can force you to sign up for large data plans you don’t need, charge you for monthly plans you want out of, and stop you from going over to a competing phone carrier when they’re offering a better deal – at least, without buying a new iPhone altogether. When you unlock iPhone 4s or iPhone 4, you allow your iPhone to be transferred to any carrier, and to be used with any SIM card. You’ll save money by getting rid of overly large data plans, taking advantage of pay-as-you-go if you don’t need all the minutes in your plan, switching carriers when you see cheaper prices, and even by using local carriers when overseas.

Unlocking your iPhone 4/4s allows you to use it with any carrier in the world. Here are examples of carriers that have been unlocked for iPhone 4s.

• Unlock iPhone 4s Verizon – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s T-Mobile – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s Sprint – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s Virgin – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s Vodafone – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s O2 – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s Orange – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s China Mobile – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s China Unicom – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s Rogers – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s Fido – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s Bell – Yes

This is far from a complete list of carriers, but it illustrates a point – if you can unlock iPhone 4s on these major carriers, you can unlock any iPhone 4/4s on any mobile phone carrier in the world.

Unlocking iPhone 4/4s Necessitates Jailbreaking the iPhone 4/4s

There are two kinds of ways to unlock iPhone 4/4s, with a software unlock and a hardware unlock. The majority of modern iPhone unlocks are performed using software, as hardware unlocks are more expensive, inconvenient, and are harder to revert back. An interesting fact about software unlocks for iPhones is that in order to unlock your iPhone, you must also jailbreak it.

The reason that unlocking iPhone 4s necessitates jailbreaking, is because jailbreaking allows you to gain root access to iOS. Without root access, the unlocking software can’t make the necessary changes to perform a software unlock.

How To Unlock iPhone 4/4s & Jailbreak iPhone 4/4s

Unless you’re comfortable working with UNIX paths, setting file permissions, SSH, and LAN IPs, it’s highly recommended that you seek a premium solution for unlocking or jailbreaking your iPhone 4s rather than try to do it yourself.

Whether you want to unlock iPhone 4/iPhone 4s or jailbreak iPhone 4/iPhone 4s, one effective solution we’ve found is Jailbreak Unlock. Jailbreak Unlock provides an easy jailbreaking or unlock solution for the iPhone 4s, with 24/7 technical support access to iPhone experts, a satisfaction guarantee, and free upgrades for firmware upgrades to your iPhone. Best of all, it takes only a few minutes and is extremely affordable. Try Jailbreak Unlock today if you’re looking to unlock iPhone 4/4s or jailbreak iPhone 4/4s.

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