Myths and Reality About Unlocking Your iPhone 4/4s

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iPhone unlocking is the process of bypassing the limitations installed into the iOS operating system that only allow your iPhone to work with a single mobile phone carrier and the limited selection of iPhone voice, text, and data plans carried by that carrier. If you want a phone plan that doesn’t come with mandatory data plans, 2 year contracts, if you want to take advantage of pay as you go rates, or if you want to change SIM cards or utilize your phone with a foreign phone carrier while you are overseas, you will need to unlock your iPhone.

Since instructions for unlocking your iPhone 4s don’t exactly come with the iPhone manual or the welcome package you get from your phone carrier, there is a lot of misinformation and purported fact circulating around the internet when it comes to unlocking the iPhone 4s and iOS5. Below we’ll explore some of the popular myths and the actual reality surrounding these myths when it comes to performing an iphone 4s unlock.

Myths & Realities – Unlock iPhone 4 and Unlock iPhone 4s

Myth: Unlocking iPhone 4 & 4s Will “Brick” Your Phone
Reality: While there is a grain of truth to this myth – unlocking your iPhone 4s improperly can definitely cause irreversible damage to your phone – but when performed properly with a reputable provider, the odds of irreversibly damaging your phone are virtually nil.
Myth: It Is Illegal To Unlock iPhone 4s iOS5
Reality: It is 100% legal to unlock and jailbreak your phone. There have been countless rulings from federal regulators, the Library of Congress, as well as the U.S. Copyright Office stating that unlocking and jailbreaking the iPhone 4s – or any other mobile phone for that matter – is completely legal and doesn’t violate any copyright laws.

The source of this myth originates from Apple and phone carriers, who have a vested interest in ensuring that people do not jailbreak or unlock their phone. In fact, while Apple has tried to have explicit provisions inserted into the Digital Millenium Copyright Act prohibiting users from jailbreaking or unlocking their phone, federal regulators rejected the proposal. In fact, a specific exemption for unlocking and jailbreaking was inserted into the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, so rest assured that it is legal to unlock iPhone 4s & iOS5.

Myth: Unlocking Your iPhone 4/4s Will Completely Void The Warranty
Reality: Unlocking your iPhone 4s will void the warranty only if you send in your iPhone 4s for repair still unlocked. The reality is that most unlock and jailbreaking solutions out there today will allow you to reverse the process and restore the original iPhone operating system. As long as you can reverse the jailbreak/unlock and restore the original iOS, Apple will never know that you unlocked your phone and your warranty will not be void.

Myth: Only Expert Hackers Can Unlock iPhone 4/4s
Reality: Only expert hackers will be able to write software to unlock iphone iOS, but anyone can take advantage of this software to unlock iPhone 4/4s. In addition, there are reputable service and software providers who offer full technical support and assistance with unlocking your IOS device.

Myth: Unlocking iPhone 4s Is Expensive
Reality: iPhone 4/4s unlocking software prices range mostly from free to $50. While most of the free unlocking software and services may pose a risk to your iPhone, there is plenty of great iPhone unlocking software as low as $29.95 that will offer safe, newbie friendly iPhone 4s/4 unlocking along with great 24/7 technical support.

Myth: You Can’t Unlock iPhone 4/4s For X Network
Reality: Replace X with any major network, and millions of iPhone users are currently enjoying freedom from that carrier. Below are just some of the networks with which iPhone unlocking has been performed.

• Unlock iPhone 4s/4 Verizon – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s/4 T-Mobile – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s/4 Sprint – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s Rogers Mobile – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s Fido – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s Bell Mobility – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s Virgin – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s Vodafone – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s O2 – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s Orange – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s China Mobile – Yes
• Unlock iPhone 4s China Unicom – Yes

The above is not a comprehensive list, but just a quick example of what unlocking can accomplish. The reality is that current iPhone unlocking software allows you to unlock iPhones from any carrier and enjoy freedom to avoid mandatory data plans, choose pay-as-you-go, take your phone overseas without paying ridiculous roaming charges, and much more.

Myth: Unlocking iPhone 4s Will Let Hackers Access Your Phone
Reality: When you unlock iPhone 4s, the unlocking software does have to gain root access to your iOS. What this means is that you have more control over your operating system. However, if the unlocking is done properly, unlocking iOS5, iOS4, or any other version of the iOS does not mean that hackers have easier access to your phone.

If there are security loopholes in the software you download or your passwords, Hackers can gain access to your phone whether it is unlocked or not. However, because unlocking and jailbreaking your iPhone does allow you to install any software, you’ll need to take extra care to ensure that you’re not installing exploitable software onto your phone.

Unlock iPhone 4s – The Bottom Line

As you can see, many of the popular arguments against unlocking your iPhone are mostly myth, with a grain of truth mixed in here and there. While unlocking iPhone 4s and iOS5 is safe and can allow you flexibility and savings, we do suggest that you take care in choosing which unlocking software you use. Take your time to find software that offers strong technical support, is backed by a guarantee, and has a good reputation, and you’ll be enjoying the benefits of an unlocked iPhone 4s in no time.

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